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About Us

Infinite Solutions is here to serve the community by providing top notch services in the areas of Notary Services, Fingerprinting Services, Loan Document Signing, Business Consulting, and Business Credit Education Services.

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We Serve The Best Service


We offer our customers a quick and stress-free way to notorize all of their important documents. We provide both on-site and mobile services, for the convenience of our customers.
  • General on-site $5 - $35
  • Mobile $50

    anything over 20 miles, price increases

  • Loan Document Signing Agent services $150
  • I-9 Services $25.00
  • Immigration Forms Services $50.00


Our fingerprinting services are a quick and easy process, beginning to end. We provide both live scan (on-site) and ink fingerprinting (mobile) for the convenience of our customers.
  • Ink fingerprinting $45.00

    (2 cards) for onsite

  • Mobile ink $65.00 - $85.00

    (2 cards) afterhours & weekends

  • Travel fee $40 and up (call for quote)

Business Consulting

We offer an array of business consulting packages, to fit the needs of our customers.
  • Business Consulting (Diy) $300.00

    You get 2 hrs of business consulting on how to establish and legitimize your business.

  • Business establishment (Starter pack) $500

    We do all of the work for you, in establishing your business. This includes applying for ein, LLC, logo and 200 business cards

  • Premium package $995

    Includes business establishment ein, LLC, logo, business cards, domain name and set up for website, email, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Platinum Package $1495

    includes all of the above, plus business credit building, applying for Dun number, credit education class 1 hr (understanding what line of credit to apply for. Understand the different tiers to credit building. Learning to apply for credit using your ein.

  • Business $300.00

    Credit Building only package( for already established business)

DIY Credit Repair

We provide a do it yourself education on how to repair and maintain a healthy credit score for our customers.
  • Dyi Education /Consultation $150
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